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  • Debt is liquidated


  • Duration: 4-6 months 


  • Can file every 8 years


  • Ideal for individuals with: 

               Personal/medical bills

               Have few assets

               Have mostly unsecured debt


  • Pros: Debtors can get rid of debt quickly and have a new financial start wihtin 4-6 months.


  • Cons: Trustee can sell non-exempt propteries to pay off debts. Record of Bankruptcy stays for 10 years on Credit Reports.
  • A new repayment plan to pay off debt


  • Duration: 3-5 years


  • Ideal for individuals who:

               Want to keep home & other assets

               Have disposable income post monthly expenses

               Have unexemptable assets (second home)


  • Pros: Debtors can keep properties and catch up on late payments.


  • Cons: Monthly payments for fixed amount to trustee for up to 5 years to pay off debt.